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Para-Tissuer Pen

User ntoe for Para-Tissuer Pen ID600.

The Para-Tissuer provides a thin coating of the adhesive on the glass slide. A sticky coating will help prevent paraffin-embedded sections from falling off, moving, or wrinkling on the slide. The Para-Tissuer coating will flatten the sections even in room temperature water and reduce the processing time.

The pen can be effective with PAP/PAAP, ABC, LAB-SA and immunofluorescent methods. A new addition to the popular PAP Pen family of microscopy accessories.


  1. Coat an area on the uncoated slide larger than the section to be mounted. (Section may fall off if the slide is pre-treated).
  2. Let dry at room temperature for several minutes before mounting the section. Use only dry slides for the routine procedure. Use dryer if the environment is colder and high in humidity. The formulation is stable up to 120°C.
  3. Keep the tip of the pen clean to avoid contamination. Impurity may alter the result of the staining.
  4. Cap the pen tightly after use.
  5. Store with capped side down.
  6. The Pen should be discarded one year after opening.
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