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Laboratory Microwave Oven Information

Explaining the benefits and advantages of using a laboratory microwave oven

Note: This based off the EMS Laboratory Microwave Oven, E97100

The Precision Pulsed Laboratory Microwave Oven is a state of the art solution for performing many of the steps in sample preparation prior to either light or electron microscopy. Procedures such as fixation, staining, dehydration, decalcification, impregnation and immunohistochemistry are possible in this instrument, with processing times dramatically reduced and improved results.

For optimum performance, the oven features a well defined adjustable effect, an accurate temperature control, a well ventilated chamber, and three timing modes for the operation of the unit.

Our temperature control not only prevents the tissue in the chamber from becoming denatured (by high temperature) but it also assists in pulsing the microwave effect in small precise portions. The temperature control has a direct effect on the magnetron (the microwave generator) as it allows the unit to switch on and off in the most efficient way at the preset effect level.

The set effect is adjustable at any time either before or during a run. This aids in the balance of the microwave load and the content of the microwave absorber. It should be noted that the penetration rate and process times are influenced by the presence of microwave radiation in the chamber and for this reason it is imperative that the effect rate is adjustable at any time during a run.

Inside the chamber there is a manifold for up to 5 tubes, this allows bubble mixing in 1 to 5 containers at once. There is a built in air pump to facilitate mixing and this avoids temperature gradients. These adjustable bubble mixers make this instrument ideal for decalcification.

The EMS Microwave Oven is most versatile.

It provides a choice of three optional operating modes:

Continuous mode for processes longer than 1 hour 40 minutes.
Timer controlled processes up to 1 hour 40 minutes.
Short run processes less than 6 minutes.

The oven chamber is made entirely of stainless steel, no solutions are absorbed into it and so it is easy to clean. The floor of the unit, which covers the rotator cavity, is a glass fibre reinforced silicone plate which serves as a thermal insulator and does not absorb microwaves. The plate is highly resistant to chemicals.

This instrument is designed for easy operation and maintenance. All of the controls can be set with one hand and are easily accessible allowing for changes at any time. An adjustable thermal probe encased in a white Teflon holder (a microwave transparent material) comes with the unit. The probe can be set at different heights to accommodate all different types of containers and volumes of liquid. Attached to the probe is an adaptor to hold one of the mixing tubes; this is important because the liquid which is regulated by the thermostat needs to be mixed well to avoid temperature gradients. The probe automatically measures the existing temperature and displays it.

The unit has a built in reflector inside the chamber which evenly distributes the microwaves. A rotator is built into the unit, as well, to prevent "Hot-Spots" from forming even for very small volumes (e.g. reagent drops on glass slides).


  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Easily adjusted effect % knob
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Well ventilated chamber
  • 3 different timer modes
  • Built in air pump for mixing
  • Manifold for up to 5 mixing tubes
  • Adjustable temperature probe holder
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Glass fibre reinforced silicone floor
  • On/off rotator switch
  • Built in reflector for even distribution of microwaves


Magnetron Effect780W
Effect Range20-100%
Temperature Range25-100°C
Temperature Accuracy/- 0.5°C within 25-70°C
Temperature Variation/- 0.4°C at 40°C
Balanced effect with 100mL H?O load and 100mL H?O Sample
Timer1 sec - 99min 99sec
Continuous RunTimer override-works as a count up timer for an indefinite period of time
Safety Switch Off At105°C chamber temperature
Measurements (Inner)345 x 350 x 225mm
Outer Dimensions600 x 470 x 530mm
WarrantyOne Year

The temperature probe of all makes of laboratory microwave ovens are not covered by warranty. These probes are expensive but have a very long life - except when abused.

Laboratory microwave oven
The face of the current model EMS 820 Microwave Oven


Continuous Run: For long processes requiring more than 1 hour 40 minutes. (e.g.: decalcification)
Timer Controlled Run: For processes less than 1 hour 40 minutes. (e.g.: section staining, fixation, etc.)
Short Runs: For very short processes, usually shorter than 6 minutes, without the need for the thermal probe. (e.g.: immunohistochemistry)

Laboratory microwave oven diagram


Ease of Use: When using a laboratory microwave oven, one has to determine the set effect to use depending on the type of sample, temperature, and load. Our unit has the effect control knob easily accessible at all times, and can be changed even during the middle of a run. The effect percentage setting is easy to read at all times.
Continuous Run Mode: For longer procedures (greater than 99 minutes 99 seconds) our unit runs continuously - the timer works in a count up mode for an indefinite period of time. There is no need to shut off the unit and begin again.
Multiple Bubble Mixing: A 5-port manifold for mixing up to 5 different containers at once.
Stainless Steel Compartment: Very easy to clean and resistant to staining or scratching. Resistant to all staining solutions.
Adjustable Temperature Probe Holder: It will accommodate any size container and it is flexible and very easy to align.
Glass Fiber Reinforced Silicone Floor: It comes standard with the unit and it covers the rotator when it is not in use.
Ventilation: Our unit has a built in powerful fan which accommodates at least 2 meters of tubing.

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