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PELCO easiGlow™ Glow Discharge system

PELCO easiGlow™ Glow Discharge system supported methods and specifications. Labs which need both hydrophilic and hydrophobic surface treatments on a regular base.

Glow Discharge Methods supported:Optimum Pressure Graph

Surface ConditionChargeAtmosphere
HydrophilicPositiveAir (with subsequent magnesium Acetate treatment)

Efficient glow discharge performance for the PELCO easiGlow™ with optimum pressure at given distance from sample to glow discharge head.

For those labs which need both hydrophilic and hydrophobic surface treatments on a regular base, a dual glow discharge system is available to avoid cross contamination of the glow discharge chambers. Hydrophobic surfaces are preferable when organic solvents are used.

Since the optimised vacuum level for glow discharge procedures is in the range of 0.45 to 1.1 mbar, we offer the affordable GD7 dual stage rotary vacuum pump designed for this pressure range.

Advantages of the PELCO easiGlow™ system:

  • Precise and easy vacuum setting
  • Short cycle times
  • Consistent results
  • Auto, programmed and manual mode
  • Intuitive touch screen for display and operation
  • Supports hydrophilic/hydrophobic and negative/positive modes
  • Affordable, compact, standalone system
  • L-Gasket protects glass jar at base

GD7 Rotary Vacuum Specifications

Pumping speed8.4m3/hr, 140 l/min, 5 CFM @ 60Hz
7.0m3/hr, 117 l/min, 4.2 CFM @ 50Hz
Ultimate vacuum7 x 10-3 MBAR
(5 x 10-3 TORR, 5 Micron)
Vacuum connectionKF16
Exhaust connectionCompatible with 1/4" NPT Thread
Oil capacity500cc
Operating temperature7 - 40°C (45 - 104°F)
Dimensions380 x 150 x 320mm
15" x 6" x 12.5" (H x W x L)
Weight14kg / 33.5 lbs.
Power rating110 - 115V 60 Hz, 7.0A
220 - 250V, 50/60 Hz, 4.3A

PELCO® TEM Grid Holder Blocks

Cat. No.DescriptionUnitInquire
16820-25PELCO® TEM Grid Holder Block for 25 TEM gridseachask
16820-81PELCO® TEM Grid Holder Block for 81 TEM gridseachask

Gilder TEM Grids on page G3 and G4

Specifications of the PELCO easiGlow™ Glow Discharge system

Plasma Current0-30 mA
HV Power supply30W Continuous Rating
Glow Discharge Head PolarityUser Selectable positive or negative
Process Platform?75mm with recess for 25 x 75mm slide
Glow Discharge Platform Height Control1-25mm
Preprocess Hold Timer0-14411 sec.
Process Timer0-900 sec.
Chamber Size?120 x 100mm H with sealed Delrin top plate
Process/Vent gas inlets2 each ?6mm barbed, individually user selectable for process, purge or vent
High Voltage Vacuum InterlocksDual hardware and software interlocked
Vacuum ControlPirani Gauge, ranging from atmosphere to 0.01 mbar
Working Vacuum Range1.1 - 0.20 mbar for optimal glow
System Control / Display3" Touch Panel with LED backlight and 5 function keys
Operation ModesAuto Programmed (4 user programmed protocols) Manual/Diagnostics
Data Logging CapabilitiesStep #, Vacuum (mbar), Current (mA), Voltage (V), and polarity, once per second
Instrument Size305 L x 292 D x 230mm H (12" x 11-1/2" x 9 ")
Weight6.26 kg (13.8 lbs.)
GD7 Pump (optional)380 L x 150 D x 320mm H (15" x 6" x 12-1/2 ")
Weight12.2 kg (27 lbs.)
Laboratory Footprint with optional pump381 W x 292 D x 330mm H (15" x 11-1/2" x 13 ")
Power Requirements120V 60Hz, 15A or 230V 50Hz, 10A Service
Instrument Power Rating100-240VAC 60/50Hz 60W Plus Pump, IEC Inlet
Optional Pump Power Rating120/230V 60/50Hz 250 W (1/3 hp)
Vacuum Pump Minimum requirements2.9 m3/hr, 48 l/m, 1.73 CFM @ 60Hz
.30 mbar Ultimate Vacuum
2.5 m3/hr, 41 l/m, 1.65 CFM @ 50Hz
.30 mbar Ultimate Vacuum
Vacuum Pump Power Outlet on Instrument8A max IEC Outlet
Vacuum InletKF 16 flange
Data Logging CapabilitiesStep #, Vacuum (mbar), Current (mA), Voltage (V), and polarity, once per second
Communication PortUSB Outlet
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