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Exposure Limits for UV Light

A user note on UV light exposure - Uv lights for germicidal, cold-curing certain plastic resins, attracting insects, killing some microorganisms, and as a mineral light.

Depending on specific application there may be operator exposure to UV light. The manual does not have any warnings on UV exposure but the TLV for the spectral region of these lamps is that the total irradiance incident upon the unprotected skin or eyes should not exceed and intensity of 1mW/cm² for periods greater than 17 minutes.

Blak-Ray® Lamps deliver high intensity long-wave (365nm) ultraviolet light.

Blak-Ray® UV Spot Light with 100 watt lamp has an intensity of 21.7 mW/cm² at 5cm and 8.9 mW/cm² at 25cm distance.

Blak-Ray® UV Tube Light with two 15 W lamps has an intensity of 1.6 mW/cm² at 15cm. Depending on how the lamp is used including distance, reflective surfaces, exposure time, etc. this TLV could be exceeded.

If there is any potential for the eyes and face exposure to exceed the above stated exposure to UV radiation, a polycarbonate face shield that complies with the ANSI Z87.1-2003 UV certification must be worn to protect the eyes and face.

Ordinary prescription eyeglasses may not block UV radiation. UV certified goggles and safety glasses will protect the eyes but not the operator's skin.

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