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High Purity Water Stills

How to choose an appropriate water still

Why you should choose a Water Still from ProSciTech:

  • ProSciTech can ship stills direct from the manufacturer and at lowest prices. If the electrical supply is compatible, we can supply these stills advantageously to Europe, America, Japan and elsewhere. These stills are made by a leading manufacturer and employ top technology and innovative designs. AND we provide old‐fashioned service ‐ including any glass replacement parts for 25 year‐old stills.
  • Stills provide the cheapest source of high purity water for all applications.
  • Stills have no expensive consumables to replace on a regular basis.
  • Stills handle poor water supply quality, when other systems would clog.
  • Stills remove bacterial contaminants.
  • Stills are simple to use and maintain.
  • Our stills are "immune" to obsolescence due to continued parts supplies.


Is double distilled water required? If yes, then choose the DELTA for 3L/h double distilled output. The Cascade dual‐feed, when fed with a supply of single distilled water will put out double distilled water too.

What production quantity of single distilled water is required?
6 litres per hour ‐ choose the DELTA
3 litres per hour ‐ choose the CASCADE

If you have changing needs, and could use all of the above configurations from time to time, choose the DELTA. This still can be configured by you to provide the quantity and quality of water you need, when you need it.


  • Attractively finished in a durable colour powder coating.
  • Each still may be wall, shelf or bench mounted and operated to maintain a full reservoir, with still operation controlled in accordance with distillate usage.
  • All models have a feed water supply failure protection (a pressure switch set to 12 p.s.i.; lower pressure switches are available) This feature is combined with over‐temperature switches for each boiler to allow safe 24 hour unattended operation.
  • The CASCADE produces single distilled water at 3 litres per hour. For that, cooling water at the rate of 90 litres/hour is required. This often is from mains water, which could be stored in a holding tank for irrigation or recirculating cooling system are available. The use of those system requires a dual feed unit.
  • The DELTA, unlike other stills available, can be reconfigured at any time by the user in a matter of minutes to produce single distilled water at 6 litres per hour, or double distilled water at 3 litres per hour.
  • Both models, the CASCADE and DELTA, are also available for dual‐feed. Dual‐feed uses mains (or refrigerated and recirculated) water to cool the condensers. A second, usually low‐pressure water line from a tank of pre‐treated water (this may be rainwater, filtered, single distilled or deionised) is the feed for distillation.
  • All boiler parts are common to all models. This includes the condensers, boilers, heating elements, element sheath, sealing washers, heat and pressure switches. There is one exception: the Delta's first distillation stage employs slightly larger elements to ensure that boiler two cannot run dry.

Shipping dimensions and weights:
Carton Size ‐ all models 76cm x 45cm x 53cm
Packed weight: CASCADE 17kg, Dual Feed 18kg;
DELTA 19kg, Dual Feed 20kg.

pH 5 to 6.5 approx.
Conductivity of single distilled is 2.0 µS/cm
Pre‐treated feed water and or double distilled is 1.5 µS/cm and is pyrogen free.

Distillate quality may vary depending on the quality of the water source. The pH and conductivity of distilled water changes when exposed to the atmosphere. This is a result of carbon dioxide absorption that is temperature dependent, and is not an indication of a change in overall purity.

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