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Operating Pipette Filler Bulbs

How to operate a pipette filler bulb and how to use the valves for 'run-out' (gravity draining) or 'blow-out' pipettes to achieve accurate measurements.

Pipette filler bulbThe pipette is gently pushed/twisted into the tube base of the long arm. Gently squeeze the upper or middle valve while squeezing the bulb - this will allow the bulb to suck fluid up. Insert the tip of the pipette into the liquid and then press the middle valve to draw liquid into the pipette to the desired volume. Move the pipette/bulb assembly into position to expel the liquid. Some pipettes are calibrated for 'run-out' by gravity; they retain a drop or two in the pipette - other pipettes are designed for 'blow-out' to measure the correct volume. The valve on the side-arm is for gravity draining. The middle valve is for blow-out, but before pressing it, apply a little pressure to the bulb. If the bulb is too flat, more air can be added by first pressing the top valve.

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