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Gold Particle Stigmator (Unmounted & Mounted)

User note for gold particle stigmator (unmounted and mounted), S013 & S013M.

The gold particles, rather than having a "prickly" appearance, appear more like a pile of rocks, varying widely in shape and size. They have sharp, clearly defined edges and corners, making them ideal for determining and correcting astigmatism. This specimen is also ideal for determining resolution by measuring the spaces between smaller particles.

The specimen material is 99.99% gold, mounted on a 1,000 mesh copper grid. It is highly conductive.

Care of the Specimen:

MOUNTED: Take care not to touch the specimen surface. When not in use, store the specimen in the original container or some other container where the surface is protected.

UNMOUNTED: Use a dissection microscope when removing the specimen from the shipping container. Grip the grid gently, as close to the outer edge as possible. Do not lay the specimen face-down on any surface. Never bend the grid, as this may cause the gold material to crack. Do not immerse the specimen in liquid of any kind.

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