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Quick Boat

Quick boat for 6.4mm glass knife. User note for UL072.

Quick Boat can be used as a glass knife boat or similar knife boat. The Quick Boat is fast and offers easy handling, by just turning a screw. As well, it comes with soft silicone rubber for sealing and it is reusable.

The Quick Boat is fixed into the case with a lock plate. To remove: hold the Quick Boat with one hand and loosen the locking screw with the other.

Setting the boat to the knife: place the boat on the knife gently. For sealing, there is a soft silicone rubber. To keep water-tight, 6 glass balls are attached to the silicone rubber.

To Use:

  1. Set the knife to the ultra microtome and attach Quick Boat to the knife by using a stereo microscope.
  2. Adjust the height of the boat and the knife edge so they are almost the same level.
  3. Adjust the angle of the boat so that they are on the same level. During adjustment touch both glass knife and boat with your fingers so that it is easy to confirm the angle of the boat.
  4. Lock the boat once the height and angle adjustments are complete by tightening the locking screw to fix the boat in place.


  • When placing the boat on the knife, make sure the knife is fixed in position with the ultra microtome before setting the boat. If not fixed it may cause damage to the silicone rubber.
  • Do not use the left side of the screw hole - this hole is required for production purposes only.
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