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Diamond Knife (DiATOME) Programs and Options

Exchange any old diamond knife for a brand new ultra thin diamond knife (ProSciTech's exchange program).

ProSciTech Exchange Program

This program allows you to exchange any old diamond knife for a brand new Ultra thin diamond knife and pay almost half the price of a new knife. It does not matter what size you trade in, you may choose any size DiATOME Ultra knife and pay the reduced price of the knife size you choose.

Diamond Knife Trade-In

When you need to resharpen your DiATOME knife we will accept trade-in knives from any knife manufacturer and apply the appropriate discount to your new purchase. The size of the trade-in knife will determine the discount. Please note that there is a limit of one trade-in per resharpened knife.
The diamonds we receive as trade-ins are absolutely never used for any of the products we manufacture or sell.

Knife SizeTrade-in USD
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