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Vacuum Pick-Up System

Vacuum pick-up system information and directions for vacuum pick-up operation.

What is a vacuum pick-up system?

Handle and transport grids and wafers without the use of tweezers.
Use this system for picking up delicate lightweight material with finger-controlled vacuum. Attach various hollow needle tips (5 with system) or rubber cups (3 with system) onto the pick-up pen. Use easy finger control for picking up or releasing.
Not for wet or corrosive materials.

The system is powered by a 230V, 50Hz cycle low wattage vibrator-type pump.
The unit comes fully assembled except for the accessories. The accessories consist of 1.2m of lightweight plastic hose, an in-line filter, five assorted stainless steel tips, 3 cups and a vacuum pick-up pen. The in-line filter is placed adjacent to the pump, with the plastic hose following. The individual needles are used according to the customer's pick-up requirements. The size of the needle selected depends on the size of the article for pick-up. If soft, easily-marred wafers are to be picked up, the small vacuum cups may be put at the end of the needle.

After turning the unit on, the vacuum pick-up pen is placed under the index finger with the small opening pointed towards the index finger. When picking up, the index finger is placed over the hole so that vacuum is drawn through the needle or cup. The part is released by lifting the index finger off the opening.
The following accessories and replacement items are available:
In-line filter
Vacuum cup, 0.400" dia.
Vacuum cup, 0.250" dia.
Vacuum cup, 0.140" dia.
Tip 12 Gauge, 0.093" dia.
Tip 16 Gauge, 0.0415" dia.
Tip 18 Gauge, 0.0315" dia.
Tip 20 Gauge, 0.022" dia.
Vacuum pick-up pen only, each
Vacuum pick-up system tubing, 1.2m
230V Pump for vacuum pick-up system

Operating instructions

The vacuum pick-up system positively and precisely lifts parts varying in size from microscopic to weighing several ounces. Parts are handled without risk of damage or contamination. Defects caused by pinching, scratching or marking are eliminated. Critical surfaces are fully protected. Production is increased as parts are handled faster and with greater accuracy.

The complete system consists of a pencil-size probe, an assortment of stainless steel needle tips to match the work, set of seven vacuum cups for heavier parts, a vacuum-in-line filter and a compact U/L approved vacuum generator.

Directions for vacuum pick-up operation

Attach the short piece of tubing to the vacuum generator unit.
Attach the in-line-filter to the short piece of tubing previously attached.
Attach the long tubing to the in-line filter.
Attach the pencil size probe to the tubing.
Select and attach needle tip to probe.
Plug unit into any 230V electrical outlet and turn on by twisting the thumb wheel switch located in the power cord.
The vacuum is adjustable by turning the knob located on the top of the vacuum generator and is generated through the tip by placing your index finger over the hole located on the probe.
You are now ready to use your new vacuum pick-up system.

NOTE: We have adjusted these units at the factory to optimise pumping, however line voltage variations may cause the pump to chatter.
The following simple procedure will allow you to eliminate this problem.
Step 1: Turn the knob located on the top of the generator in a CLOCKWISE direction until the chattering stops.
Step 2: Release the set screw holding the knob.
Step 3: Turn the knob COUNTERCLOCKWISE to the maximum position.
Step 4: Tighten the set screw.

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