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Teflon Moulds

A user note on how to use and the properties of Teflon® flat embedding moulds. They are designed for use with methacrylate or acrylic resins.

The two Teflon® flat embedding moulds, Cat. No. RL090 (16 cavity) and Cat. No. (3 cavity), were designed for use with methacrylate or acrylic resins (e.g. LR White or Gold, GMA, etc). Those low viscosity resins are oxygen sensitive during polymerisation. The cavities in the Teflon® moulds can be covered with two Thermanox® cover slips (22 x 60mm) or a single strip of ACLAR™ FILM (21mm x 120mm). These coverings will ensure an anaerobic polymerisation with either thermal or low temperature UV polymerisation.

The cavities in each mould should be partially filled with resin and the sample positioned. Next the cavities are overfilled so that resin from one cavity spills into the adjoining cavity. The recessed border around the cavities should not be filled to any great degree. The metal frame should be removed from the mould prior to use for polymerisation. The frame is used to restore flatness to the mould after the blocks have been removed. The cover slips and/or film are placed over the plastic-filled cavities in the following manner:

One end of the cover slip or film is placed at the end of the recessed area surrounding the cavities and held in place gently with a wood stirring stick or similar device. With a tweezers, grip the other end of the cover slip or film and gently lower it down over the resin-filled cavities. This will eliminate air bubbles and allow the excess plastic to wick out to the edges of the recessed border. This will ensure an anaerobic environment underneath the cover slip or film.

Do not overfill the cavities to the extent that the plastic will wick out beyond the recessed border. If this happens and the metal frame is being used, a strong possibility exists, especially with thermal polymerisation, that the mould and frame will become bonded together.

GL105 ACLAR embedding film, 203mm x 254mm

ACLAR embedding film is:

  1. Optically clear
  2. Sectionable with glass or diamond knives
  3. Easily removed from polymerised plastic
  4. Resistant to all EM chemicals

GL081 Thermanox coverslips 22x60mm

Thermanox coverslips are:

  1. Easily removed from polymerised plastic
  2. Sectionable with glass knives
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