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ToupTek™ ToupView™ Starting Parameters

Starting parameters for capturing images with ProSciTech's digital microscope cameras - ODCM series.

Starting parameters for capturing images with a ODCM cameraMicroscope photograph

  • Open ToupView™ (ScopePhoto™ ScopeTek™) and focus the specimen in the live capture window.
  • Select Video Source Property from the Setup menu.
  • White Balance tab
    • Hold a sheet of white paper under the microscope so that the light source is projected onto it. Click Auto White Balance. The colour temperature will be set to a neutral grey (~20%).
  • Exposure tab
    • Tick Auto Exposure and click the Default button.
  • Colour tab
    • Adjust the gamma, saturation, and contrast as desired.

Note: The white balance will not change unless the colour temperature is changed. This can occur when increasing the intensity of a light source, changing the bulb, or using a different microscope. Using the white paper method to achieve a neutral grey will adjust the white balance to different light sources/intensities.


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