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CDMS 1T Representative Traceability Certificate

Global certificate of traceability for critical dimension standard.

CDMS- 1T, 2mm - 1µm, Traceable

Product Number: 682-1 and 682-1A through 682-1P

Product Description: 2.5x2.5mm Critical Dimension Magnification Standard

Wafer Identifier: CD-PG01

The accuracy of these products was determined by reference comparison to working standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Test No. 861/280822-11.

LineAverage pitch of waferNumber of lines averagedAverage pitch uniformity (1σ uncertainty)Total expanded uncertainty (3σ) average pitch for wafer*
2.0mm2.01mm2± 4µm (±0.20%)± 7µm (±0.35%)
1.0mm1.00mm2± 2µm (±0.20%)± 3.5µm (±0.35%)
0.5mm0.500mm2± 1µm (±0.20%)± 1.75µm (±0.35%)
0.25mm0.250mm2± 0.5µm (±0.20%)± 0.9µm (±0.35%)
10µm10.01µm9± 0.02µm (±0.20%)± 0.035µm (±0.35%)
5µm5.00µm10± 0.01µm (±0.20%)± 0.0175µm (±0.35%)
2µm2.00µm10± 0.007µm (±0.35%)± 0.014µm (±0.7%)
1µm1.00µm10± 0.0035µm (±0.35%)± 0.007µm (±0.7%)

* The 3σ uncertainty (95% confidence interval) average pitch is determined using a minimum of nine die per production wafer. Each average pitch is determined using 100 measurements on each die averaged over the stated number of lines. The total expanded uncertainty includes both Type A and Type B uncertainties corrected for sample size using an appropriate Student t-factor.

Equipment used:

InstrumentModel numberSerial numberResolutionRepeatability
FE-SEMFEI Quanta 3D FEGD88941.2nm0.03%

This certificate shall not be reproduced without permission.

682-1 TN VPG-01 09162011

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