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Aperture Flamer

Instructions for Aperture Flamer, MT069.


The following method is for cleaning platinum apertures; clean tungsten and molybdenum apertures by heating in vacuum.

Pre-clean apertures by storing them for a while in a strong solvent such as chloroform.

  1. Place aperture disc in cup or hang strip from hook on cup.
  2. Turn Bunsen burner to low (small blue flame).
  3. Hold apertures on flamer 12mm - 20mm above aperture.
  4. Adjust heat if required to turn aperture bright red. Greater heat and long (more than a few seconds) flaming times increase crystalinity of the disk or strip and eventually ruin the apertures.
  5. Inspect aperture on a microslide with a microscope. Repeat heating if required.

Note: the force of the heat, rather than the flame itself, cleans the aperture.

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