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PID Controller Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions for Digital Control Box - Digital PID Control Unit & Solid State Heat Controller.

PID Controlled Unit Operating Instructions for Digital Control Box - Model DCB10


Designed for use with hotplates and digestion blocks requiring an external control due to hazardous substances.

The powder coated steel chassis houses a Digital PID Temperature controller, Solid State Relay with HeatSilnk and Power Switch OverTemp and heating indicator and sockets for temperature probe and supply cord.

Operating Instructions:

Plug Hotplate into 3 pin socket on back of control box and the sensor into the 2 pin socket, before turning on power. The Controller will not function without the sensor plugged in. Ensure the sensor is fully inserted into the sensor port located on the cord entry side of the Hotplate casing.

Set Controller to required temperature and enter. Unit will now be heating, indicated by Red Indicator next to Controller.

The maximum set temperature (SV) has been limited to 280°c by the high limit parameter (SU-H). Should a faulty relay allow the hotplate temperature to rise above 300°c the alarm function of the Temptron will inhibit heating. The "Alarm" indicator will illuminate and stay on until the hotplate temperature (PV) drops below the alarm value (ElHd). This can be set to any temperature below 300°c. To reset the alarm - turn power switch off, then on again.

Sensor Compensation (PU-b) is adjusted for accuracy at 100°c. It is typically -10°C which willl cause a discrepancy at ambient of 10°c (i.e. if ambient = 24, PV = 14°). This is due to the sensor being located very close to element to minimise temperature fluctuation.

The Temperature Controller has an AutoTune Function to give best heat up characteristics. Should you encounter any problems with overshoot or slow response under load, consult the manual for instructions on AutoTuning.

Parts List:

1 x Shimaden digital PID controller - Part No. SR1-8P
1 x 60 cm x 30 cm Teflon Coated Aluminium Hotplate - Part No. 207T
2 x 1200W Elements for 207T hotplate - Part No. VG9701
1 x Solid State Relay 40 AMP - Part No. SSR40DC
1 x Power Relay - Part No. 737-1X
1 x Heatsink - Part No. HO560
1 x Alarm Relay c/w base - Part No. SCL-DPDT
1 x 10Amp 3 pin socket - Part No. CLI415L
1 x 6mm SS sheath type K thermocouple for Shimaden digital PID controller - Part No. 200K2000
1 x Miniature plug and panel mount jack
1 x Indicator Switch - Part No. C5403FQ
2 x Indicators - Part No. C0430FQ
1 x Stainless Steel Baffle - Part No. 207DSB
6 x 12mm Pillars - Part No. CS12
1 x Digital Control Box (10 AMP) - Part No. DCB10
1 x Filter - Part No. NFM210S

Solid State Heat Controller - Please inquire for pricing

Operating Instructions


Designed for use with hotplate units or flask heaters up to 2400 watts, this unit features a solid state power regulator which varies the voltage to the heater element from approximately 30 volts up to 230 volts.

The constant supply gives a very stable temperature control with virtually no fluctuation in process temperature, as opposed to switching type heat controls such as simmerstats which can give fluctuations of 30° or 40°C in element temperature.

The temperature dial has a 0 to 100% scale divided into 2% increments.

Also available in 15amp and 20amp models.

Instructions Plug flask heater or Hotplate into the 3 pin socket on the front of control unit and plug control unit cord into 10 amp power outlet. Turn on power switch and adjust dial to required rate of heat.

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