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Image Analysis Software (ToupTek™ ToupView™)

An overview of the camera software professionally designed for ProSciTech's digital cameras for microscopes.

ToupView™ ToupTek™ Software

Microscope photographToupView™, previously known as ScopePhoto™ ScopeTek™, is image processing software professionally designed for our digital cameras. This software is supplied with our cameras. As well as basic image viewing and processing, ToupView™ allows scientific analysis of the captured image through the camera or other image capture devices.

Prior to capturing an image, all adjustments - colour, contrast, brightness frame-speed - may be optimised. After capture, image files are saved in the desired image-format on the computer's hard drive. Once calibrated using a stage micrometer, the software allows measurement of lengths, angles and areas across microscope images. It is also possible to include a scale marker on micrographs and to count particles. For counting select Plugin and then Count, after that set parameters and Count.

The main functions of ToupView™ are listed as follows:

  1. Image archival with data attachment (*.PTL format, other formats are also supported).
  2. Image capture through VFW and Twain interface.
  3. Image cut & paste (image to image, image to file).
  4. Basic image operations are included in the Image menu for easy adjustment of the image.
  5. Image layer operation specially designed for measurement (Layer technique is used to separate the measured results and the different results can be put on different layers).
  6. Image processing filter for noise reduction and enhancement (Image enhancement filters, edge enhancement filters, morphology operation filters, user defined kernel filter, convolution and morphological filters).
  7. Image arithmetic operation between image and image, image and digital number (Including AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, NOT, Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Absolute, Min, Max, Average, Invert, Logarithm, Exponential, Square Root, Square, x to the power of Y operation).
  8. Image pseudocolor, range, segmentation operations are also include in the application.
  9. Image zooming and panning operations.
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