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Rollei Ortho 25

Rollei Ortho 25, extremely high resolving power, suited for general graphic purposes.

Extremely high resolving power, suited for general graphic purposes.

ROLLEI ORTHO 25 is a technical, high to very high contrast, monochrome, photographic film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 25, 15°DIN.
ROLLEI ORTHO 25 is characterised by a high sensitivity reserve of up to two f-stops, depending upon development.
The document emulsion offers extraordinary sharpness and extremely fine grain.
ROLLEI ORTHO 25 is suitable for technical-scientific applications and as a half-tone film in general photography where low speed and non-read sensitivity are wanted attributes. The emulsion is identical to that of the Rollei EM film. It is therefore well suited for electron microscopy where a 35mm film camera in the TEM column is available.

The glass-clear transparent polyester substrate makes the film suitable as B&W slide film.

Technical - Scientific Application

For reproductions, radiographic reproductions, astro photography, black-and-white and blue slide, for graphic reproductions. For these applications we recommend the LP-DOCUFINE HC developer (1 5, 3-5 min).

Half-tone film in the pictorial photography

For highest requirements in terms of sharpness and extremely fine grain, the ROLLEI ORTHO 25 offers excellent results when processed with the fine grain, balanced developer ROLLEI HIGH SPEED (LP SUPERGRAIN).
The ROLLEI ORTHO 25 in combination with the ROLLEI LOW SPEED developer can produce an extraordinary range of contrast, similar to the famous Technical Pan film. The usually high contrast gradation can be greatly varied using this developer; extremely fine grain structures and highest sharpness combined with detailed grey tones can be achieved.


  • Panchromatic sensitised with low speed ISO 25, DIN15
  • Spectral sensitvity 380 - 610nm;
  • Special coating for an improvement of the transport properties of the cameras
  • Suitable for daylight and tungsten;
  • Polyester base support guarantees the highest level of archive stability (LE 500) and lowest outgassing when used within a vacuum system
  • Excellent resolving power of 330 lines/mm
  • Extremely fine grain and highest sharpness, as a base for negatives of excellent quality
  • The back is coated to prevent curling;
  • Especially suited to digitising by a scanner
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