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Ultrasonic Cleaners - EBC200M

How to clean your blinds using a ultrasonic cleaner.

Some advice on blind cleaning

Ultrasound may be used for cleaning vertical and venetian blinds. Timber blinds may not like the water based cleaning solutions and we advise against cleaning these in ultrasonic cleaners.

Clean any spots first with suitable spot cleaner preparations.

Blind cleaning tanks are dual tanks, one with ultrasound, timer and perhaps heaters. The second tank is used for water rinsing after ultrasound cleaning.

Strips of blinds are cleaned fully immersed. Longer blind strips may be folded, but cleaning is more efficient if they are not folded. Lie the strips flat and clean up to a dozen at a time. If very dirty insert fewer strips.

The sonification tank is used with sufficient water to easily cover the blinds with a detergent solution. The commercial cleaning solutions for sonifiers are strong and in large tanks expensive, so many operators use simple detergents. People have their own recipes. Often the detergents are very diluted.

Clean for 5 to 20 minutes. Most people buy blind cleaners without heaters. Heated cleaners work faster but they cost more and excessive heat cannot be used. Heated solutions may ruin some blinds, but during cold weather a temperature of 40°C would have some cleaning advantage over cold water.

Rinse blinds in water in the second tank, then hang on a rack and dry quickly. To some extent that can be with a fan but most operators use a hairdryer up and down the strip. This is not as slow as it appears since sonification of a second batch would progress during drying time. Forced drying is only required until the strip is near dry. Slow evaporation can lead to water stains near the base of the blades.

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