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Water Distillation FAQ

Water distilling common questions answered. How to operate your water still.

Does the still have a purity monitor?
Not built in. We sell water purity meters separately, however, if the feed water is of reasonable quality, double distilled water is always of very high purity.

Can the feed water temperature handle tap water?
Yes, but warm water requires a higher flow rate of cooling water.

Does the still have overflow prevention?

Does the still have a stand-by mode?

Is the water suitable for PCR and DNA studies?

Is the distilled water DNase and RNase free?

Is the distilled water free of bacteria?
When freshly distilled, yes. We suggest high wall mounting of system, best above a sink, then water can accumulate in 50L carboys, one for single, and a second for double distilled water. Replace lids with thick wad of cotton wool and pass through cotton wool the tube that controls shut-off when carboy is filled.  Large carboys allow the system to run overnight.

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