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A listing of our Safety Data Sheets that relate to our product range, mainly chemicals. 
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2,4-Dichlorobenzyl Peroxide Paste
3M™ Novec ™ Contact Cleaner
Acid Alcohol
Acid Fuchsin, certified
Acridine Orange, C.I. 46005
Alcian Blue
Alcian Blue 8GX, certified
Alizarin Red S
Amino-polystyrene Magnetic Particles
Ammonium molybdate tetrahydrate
Aniline Blue, certified, C.I. 42780
Apiezon® AP100 Grease
Apiezon® AP101 Grease
Apiezon® H Grease
Apiezon® L Grease
Apiezon® M Grease
Apiezon® N Grease
Apiezon® T Grease
Aqueous Conductive Silver Liquid, SEM adhesive
Araldite 502
Ascorbic Acid, ACS/ISO grade
Auramine Aqueous
Auramine O
Autoradiography Emulsion NTB
Azure A
Azure B
Azure B - Eosin Y
Azure II
Basic Fuchsin, certified, C.I. 42510
Basic Green 4/ Malachite Green Oxalate, certified, C.I. 42000
Benzoin Methyl Ether
BioMount™ Mounting Medium
Bismarck Brown Y
Bismuth Carbonate
Bismuth Subnitrate
Brilliant Cresyl Blue
Brilliant Green
Bromophenol Blue
Butvar B-98
Canada Balsam
Carbol Fuchsin, dilute aqueous stain
Carbol Fuchsin, strong stain
Carbon and Graphite products
Carboxyl Magnetic Particles
Cargille Immersion Oil, Type 37
Cargille Immersion Oil, Type A
Cargille Immersion Oil, Type B
Cargille Immersion Oil, Type NVH Code 658
Cargille Immersion Oil, Type OVH
Carnoy's Fixative
CCC Carbon Adhesive
Chem-Det Cleaning and Decontamination Agent
Chromotrope 2R, C.I. 16570
Clear-Mount (with Tris Buffer)
Colloidal Silver
Conductive Carbon/Graphite Paint, SEM adhesive
Conductive Silver Liquid, SEM adhesive
Conductive Silver Pen, SEM adhesive
Conductivity Standard, 84 MicroSiemens/cm
Conductivity standard, 84-111900 MicroSiemens/cm
Congo Red
Cresyl Violet Acetate
Crystal Violet, 0.5% aqueous stain
Crystalbond 509
Cytoseal™ 60 Mounting Medium, Cytoseal™ 280 mounting medium
D.E.R. 732 Epoxy Resin
D.E.R. 736 Epoxy Resin
DAPI, fluorescent dye (powder)
Diamond Paste (¼µm; ½µm; 1µm; 3µm; 6µm; 9µm)
DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol)
Dodecenyl Succinic Anhydride (DDSA)
DPX mountant for microscopy
Durcupan Water Soluble Embedding Kit - Component A
Durcupan Water Soluble Embedding Kit - Component B
Durcupan Water Soluble Embedding Kit - Component C (ACM Epoxy)
Durcupan Water Soluble Embedding Kit - Component D
EA36 (Eosin/Extra Light Green)
EasyComp fluo. part. kit (blank, FITC,PE,PE-TR,PE-Cy5,PE-Cy7,APC,APC-Cy7)
EDTA 10%
Electrode Cleaning Solution
Electrode Cleaning Solution, 0.1% pepsin in HCl
Electrode Storage Solution
Entellan® New Rapid Mounting Medium for microscopy
Eosin Y Certified
Eosin Y, 1% Aqueous
ERL 4221
Erythrosin B
Eukitt™, Mounting Medium
Fast Green FCF
Fluorescent Carboxyl Ferromagnetic Particles, Nile Red, 4.0-4.9 um, 2 mL
Fluorescent Particles, Yellow, 1% w/v, 0.04‐0.09 um, 2 mL
Fluoro-Gel with DABCO™, water-based mounting medium
Fluoro-Gel with Tris Buffer, water-based mounting medium
Fomblin® 06/6
Formalin biopsy jars, neutral buffered, 3.7%
Formvar 15/95 Resin
Formvar Solution in Ethylene Dichloride
Gentian Violet
Giemsa Stain, certified
Glutaraldehyde 0.625% in Phosphate Buffer, pH 7.4
Glutaraldehyde 25% Solution, EM Grade Distillation Purified
Glutaraldehyde 50%, EM Grade Aqueous (Ampoules)
Glutaraldehyde 70% Solution
Glycol Methacrylate
Gold Chloride
Gram's Iodine
Haematoxylin, certified, C.I. 75290
Haematoxylin, Gill's No.2
Haematoxylin, Harris, single strength
Hepes Buffer
Histocryl Resin Kit
HTK Rinse
Indigo Carmine
Indium Trichloride
Indium Wire
Invoil C
JB-4 Embedding Kit Catalyst
JB-4 Solution B
JB4/JB4Plus Solution A
Jenner Stain, methanol based
Jenner's Stain
Kovac's reagent
Lanthanum Nitrate
Latex Particles 0.1%
Lead Acetate Trihydrate
Lead Citrate, Trihydrate
Lead Nitrate
Leishman Stain
Leishman's Stain, methanol based
Light Green SF yellowish, C.I. 42095
Liquid Blocker Super Pap Pen
Lowicryl HM20 - Crosslinker D (Component of Kit C440)
Lowicryl HM20 - Initiator C (Component of Kit C440)
Lowicryl HM20 - Monomer E (Component of Kit C440)
Lowicryl HM20 Polar Embedding Medium MonoStep
Lowicryl K11M Kit
Lowicryl K11M Monomer I
LR Gold Resin
LR Resin, Medium & Hard Grade, Uncatalysed
LR White Accelerator
LR White Resin, Hard Grade, Catalysed
Lucifer Yellow
Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate
Malachite Green, 1% Aqueous Solution
Maleic Acid
May-Gruenwald Stain
Mayer's Haematoxylin
Mechanical Pump Oil
Meltmount Quick-Stick Mounting Medium
Methyl Blue
Methyl Green
Methyl Methacrylate
Methyl Orange
Methyl Red C.I.#13020
Methyl Red, sodium salt ACS
Methyl Violet, certified, C.I. 42535
Methylene Blue, certified
Mica sheets in various forms
N-Butyl Methacrylate, Monomer
Nano Fluorescent Polystyrene Particle Size Kit, yellow, 4 population kit
Neutral Red
Nigrosin, w/s, C.I. 50420
Nile Blue A, sulphate, certified
Nonenyl Succinic Anhydride (NSA)
Oil Red O, C.I. 26125
Orange G
Orange II
Orange Silica Gel
Osmium Tetroxide
Osmium Tetroxide 4% Aqueous Solution
Paraformaldehyde (formaldehyde) 8% Aqueous Solution
Paraformaldehyde 16% Solution, EM Grade
Paraformaldehyde 20% Solution, EM Grade
Paraformaldehyde 32% Solution, EM Grade
Paraformaldehyde 4% Aqueous Solution, EM Grade
Parlodion, Strips Purified
PELCO® Cryo-embedding Compound
PELCO® High Temperature Carbon Paste
Permount Mounting Medium
pH Calibration Buffer pH 10.0
pH Calibration Buffer pH 4.01
pH Calibration Buffer pH 7.0
Phenol Red, free acid, ACS
Phloxine B Certified
Phosphate Buffered Saline
Phosphotungstic Acid
Pipes Buffer, pH 5.5
Polystyrene Magnetic Particles (smooth), 4.0 - 5.0µm, 2.5%, 10mL
Polyvinyl Pyrolidone
Potassium Iodide, Granular, Reagent, A.C.S.
Potassium Permanganate
Procure 812
Propylene Oxide, ACS Reagent
Pyronin Y
Quetol 651 Resin
Rapid Stain 1 (Eosin)
Rapid Stain 11 (Azure B)
Rhodamine B
Rose Bengal
Ruthenium Red
Ryu's Flagella Stain
Safranin O
Safranin, 1% aqueous stain
Santovac® 5
Schiff's Aqueous Stain
SHUR/MARK™ slide marking pen, black
SHUR/Mount Mounting Medium, toluene-based
Silver Nitrate, ACS/ISO Grade
Silver Powder
Sirius Red F3B, C.I. 35780
Sodium Cacodylate Trihydrate
Sodium Citrate
Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate, monobasic
Sodium Hydroxide 2N Solution
Sodium Tungstate
Sorensen's phosphate buffer 2M pH 6.8
Spray Freeze
Sudan Black
Sudan III
Sudan IV
Synthetic Diamond Powder
Tannic Acid
Tartrazine, C.I. #19140
Technovit® H7100 GMA Embedding Kit - 7100 Hardener (Component of Kit C031)
Technovit® H7100 GMA Embedding Kit - 7100 Liquid (Component of Kit C031)
Technovit® H7100 GMA Embedding Kit - 8100 Hardener (Component of Kit C031)
Thymol Blue, free acid, ACS
Tissue-Tack Adhesive
Tissue-Tek® O.C.T. Compound
Toluidine Blue O Certified
Trilead Dicitrate
Triton X-100
Trypan Blue
Uranyl Acetate
Wenol Metal Polish
Wright Giemsa
Wright's Stain, certified
Wright's Stain, methanol based