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Coat Quick "G" Pen

How to apply coat-quick "G" Pen and it's usage.

To start, press the tip of the Coat-Quick "G" Pen straight down several times or until the fluid starts to soak the tip. Keep tightly capped and store cap side up.


Place grids dull side up on #50 Whatman hardened filter paper and then just touch the pen tip to the dull side of the grid.
Let sit for 1 to 2 minutes before using.
Grids can be coated ahead of time and used later that day.

Provides superior attachment of thin sections to the grid:

When picking up sections from above, sections will adhere to the grid and not "pop" off when the grid is raised.
This allows for reliable positioning of sections on the grid with minimal wrinkling or folding.
During the staining process, the sections continue to adhere tightly to the grid, enabling one to thoroughly wash the grids without the sections lifting at the edges and folding over themselves.
In the microscope, section crawl is minimised, since the sections are attached to the grid bars.

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