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Instructions for Utermöhl Chamber

Instructions for combined plate chamber after Utermöhl. Combined Plate Chamber (Utermöhl-Chamber).

Instructions for combined plate chamber after Utermöhl

  1. combined plate chamber after UtermöhlThe small ledge in the centre hole of the base plate (4) has to be greased with a very thin layer of silicone grease or vaseline. The 0.2mm thick bottom glass (6) is now inserted into the threaded ring (7) (AISI 316 stainless steel) and the ring is screwed in the base plate with the ring tool (8). If necessary, use some silicone grease or vaseline on the inside of the threaded ring.
  2. The base plate (4) is mounted into the holder (1).
  3. The square base of the tubular chamber (settling chamber) (2) is also greased with a thin layer of silicone grease. The tubular chamber is placed right over the hole in the base plate (4).
  4. The sample is fed into the tubular chamber and a round top glass (3) is pushed right over the sample. There must be NO air bubbles under the top glass.
  5. When the sedimentation of the sample is finished, push the tubular chamber towards one side of the base plate (4) and the content can be emptied into a sink or similar.
  6. A square cover glass (5) is pushed over the hole in the base plate to cover the sample. (4).
  7. The sample is now ready for microscopic examination.

Important: Do not use alcohol for cleaning acrylic parts.

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