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Introduction to Sputter Targets

Information on Sputter Targets

ProSciTech is one of the best suppliers of targets ‐ anywhere. We supply high purity sputtering targets, and these are well produced and modestly priced. Available are a wide range of unmounted disks or washer (annular) type sputtering targets, as well as targets mounted on backing plates, replacing the original target holders.

Ask if you require a mounted target.

Often targets are mounted to a backing plate using a conductive glue. Alternatively, if the target is over‐sized, the edge may be formed around the edge of the backing plate ‐ if the target material is soft. If that is your preferred method, please order the target with at least 2mm greater diameter than the backing plate is.
Additionally we can source many other sputtering targets in a variety of materials including ceramics, rare earth elements and metal oxides.
Here are some examples of sputter target materials that we have supplied:
W, Ag, Ti, Ce, ZnS, Au/Pd 60:40, Au/Pd 80:20, Zirconium oxide with 10‐15%wt Y2O3, Cr, Au, Al, Pt, Ir, Cu, Ag/Cu 90:10, Fe, Si micro‐crystalline, Si polycrystalline, Si n‐type, Si p‐type, Si undoped.
Metal targets unless otherwise stated are 4N pure ‐ which is 99.99%.
Note: All listed targets made from Au/Pd are in the ratio 60:40.

Amalgams are more expensive to produce. So if an amalgam is sought to attain a finer coating, then it may be better to purchase Pt in lieu of Au/Pd, or Ir in lieu of Pt/Pd.

Most used for metal coatings in electron microscopy is gold. Evaporated or sputtered gold until it's a fairly thick coating forms islets and these give gold coating at high powers (> x30k) a granular appearance.
Finest, least granular coatings as are required for FESEM are obtained using chromium and iridium . Chromium like Ir is practically grain‐free, but since Cr and its coatings readily oxidise, Ir is now regarded as the superior high resolution coating material. Ir also is a "harder" (by atomic number) element and its coatings should yield higher resolution.

Iridium is hard and brittle and the thinnest practical Ir target is 0.3mm ‐ they are fairly expensive, please ask. We have a very good supplier who refuses to make 0.3mm Ir targets, but supplies 1mm Ir targets at 0.3mm prices and they are good!
Please ask for a quotation for all unlisted/ not priced targets.

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