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Labglass Delta water still

Rivergum series of automatic all‐glass Water Stills

The Rivergum series of automatic all‐glass Water Stills incorporates over 50 years of Labglass experience in production of quality Water Stills for the world.

The metal still cases are attractively finished in a durable Rivergum colour powder coating. Each Still may be wall, shelf or bench mounted. The still monitors the water level in any reservoir to which you connect it, and controls the operation of the still, turning it on and off as the water level changes in the reservoir. Together with over‐temperature and feed water supply failure protection, this allows 24‐hour unattended operation of all stills.

The CASCADE Still produces 3 litres per hour single distilled water.

The configuration of the DELTA Still can be changed in minutes, to produce 3 or 6 litres per hour single distilled water, or 3 litres per hour double distilled water.

Both the CASCADE and DELTA can be supplied as DUAL FEED Stills for use with regulated pre‐treated or low pressure water sources or storage tanks.

When supplied as a DUAL FEED Still the still has two water supplies. Mains pressure water is used for cooling in the condenser, while the low pressure water to be distilled is trickle fed into the boiler.

Why you should choose a Labglass Water Still:
Labglass Stills provide the cheapest source of high purity water for all applications, have no expensive consumables to replace on a regular basis, handle poor water supply quality when other systems would clog, remove bacterial contamination, and spare parts are permanently available for every Labglass Still ever made.

DISTILLATE QUALITY may vary depending on the quality of the water source.
The pH and conductivity of Distilled Water changes when exposed to the atmosphere. This is a result of Carbon Dioxide absorption that is temperature dependent, and is not an indication of a change in overall purity.

PH 5 to 6.5 approx.
Conductivity μS/cm
Single Distilled 2.0 approx.
Single Distilled Pre‐treated feed water and or Double Distilled 1.5 approx.
Pyrogen free

Choosing a Water Still:
Determine your water requirements
Double Distillation ‐ choose the DELTA

Single Distillation
3 litres per hour (72 litres per day) ‐ choose the CASCADE

Varying Needs ‐ Choose the DELTA
6 litres per hour (144 litres per day) Single Distilled
3 litres per hour (72 litres per day) Single Distilled
3 litres per hour (72 litres per day) Double Distilled
With the DELTA you can even produce 3 litres per hour single distilled water while cleaning one of the boilers.

When ordering a still, you must advise the sales person if the still is required to be configured as DUAL DEED for distilling water from another purification system or low pressure water supply.


CASCADE 240V 50/60Hz AC 2000W
Mains Socket requirement 10amp

DELTA 240V 50/60Hz AC 4300W
Mains Socket requirement 20amp


CASCADE/DELTA 61cm x 33cm x 37cm
DUAL FEED Models 64cm x 33cm x 37cm

Carton Size ‐ all models 75cm x 45cm x 53cm

Packed weight:
CASCADE (RG1) 17kg
DELTA (RG3) 19kg

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