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Vibrating Microtomes

Vibrating Microtomes EMS7000smz and EMS5000mz information.

EMS7000smz and EMS5000mz

Our top-of-the-range high precision, vibrating microtomes, are the finest slicers in the world for all specimen preparation.

Vibrating MicrotomesThe EMS5000mz is a very competitively priced high precision unit with a z-axis deflection of only 1-2 microns and a blade advance controllable to 10 microns/sec. The EMS7000smz unit has a Sub-Micron z-axis deflection and a blade advance controllable to 10 microns/second. On both units the section thickness step size is 0.001mm and each vibrating microtome is supplied with its own z-axis calibration verifier. All types of sectioning is possible including sectioning for visual patching of neurological tissue, heart, and lung, and much more.

The effect of excessive Z-axis deflection on the health and viability of the tissue preparation has been much discussed since the publication of Jonas et al (2003) and the EMS7000smz will now deliver perfect sections every time with sub-micron Z axis deflection across a wide range of vibration speeds and amplitudes.The affordable 5000mz offers almost the same features with Z-axis deflection of 1-2 microns at all vibration speeds and amplitudes, which is less than most other microtomes on the market.

The all-new user interface is both easy to use and versatile. The 7000smz and the 5000mz offer similar operation at the press of a button. The versatility includes simple operation at the push of a button or a range of changeable and programmable parameters and a menu enables the settings of your own preferences.

The EMS7000smz also gives you longevity of performance, in other words it not only gives submicron performance out-of-the-box but the advance vibrating mechanism does not contain bearings and other components subject to wear. Consequently it will retain the sub-micron Z-axis deflection performance for years to come, giving you consistency in your biological preparation.

Tissue cooling is accomplished by the use of either an ice-water bath or an electronically controlled thermo-electric cooler. Other options include a LED cold light source and a magnifier or a stereoscope for clear observation whilst slicing.

Features at a Glance

  • Includes a Z-axis devification device
  • Z-axis blade adjust minimiser
  • Custom blade holder with angle set to user requirement
  • Set START and STOP position for blade travel
  • Vibration speeds from 50 to 120 Hz
  • Amplitudes from 0.5mm to 2.25mm
  • Controlled blade advance at 10 microns per sec.
  • Ice water bath easily removed for cleaning
  • Optional LED light source
  • Optional magnifier for clear observation
  • Optional stereoscope, choice of x5-x10 fixed or x10-40 zoom for optimal observation

On the EMS7000smz additional features:

  • Choice of manual or automatic operation
  • Auto programming by storage of the first slicing speed and distance profile
Section thickness step sizemm 0.0010.001 mm
Z-Axis Deflection Measured at all speeds and amplitudes with capacitance devices traceable to National StandardsSub-micron1-2 microns
Blade oscillation frequency at calibration25 Hz25 Hz
Blade oscillation amplitude at calibration2.25mm2.0mm
Total travel of Bath table19 mm19 mm
Bath table rise & fall speed0.85 mm/sec maximum0.85 mm/sec maximum
Cutting head advance speed when slicingFrom a minimum of -1.00 mm/sec, through the zero point to a maximum of 1.00 mm/secFrom a minimum of -1.00 mm/sec, through the zero point to a maximum of 1.00 mm/sec
Cutting head advance speed resolution0.01 mm/sec0.01 mm/sec
Cutting head advance speed max (fast mode) /- 4.0 mm/sec /- 4.0 mm/sec
Cutting head retraction speed4.0 mm/sec4.0 mm/sec
Blade oscillation frequency (amplitude dependent)50Hz to120Hz50Hz to 100Hz
Frequency step size5 Hz5 Hz
Blade oscillation amplitude (nominal)0.5 mm to 2.5 mm0.5 mm to 2.0 mm
Blade oscillation amplitude step size:0.25 mm (nominal)0.25 mm (nominal)
Machine Dimensions
LxWxH (With magnifier and cold light options but without scope)
390 x 390 x 260mm390 x 390 x 260mm
Tissue bath and tissue mountTissue bath is demountable for easy cleaning.Tissue bath is demountable for easy cleaning.
Power requirements:(selectable)115VAC 60Hz or 230VAC 50Hz115VAC 60Hz or 230VAC 50Hz
Power ratingtbatba
Fuse rating(115V) (230V)(115V)(230V)
Weight, lift handles supplied43 Kg (excluding microscope)43 Kg (excluding microscope)
Shipping weight58 Kg (excluding microscope)58 Kg (excluding microscope)
Shipping dimensions in wooden crate475mm x 540mm x 840mm475mm x 540mm x 840mm


  1. Temperature Controlled Standard Tissue Bath

Model 7610

Product Description

Microtome tissue bath

The EMS 7610 Tissue Bath Cooler Unit is intended for use with our EMS 7000 and EMS 5000 range of vibrating microtomes. Unfixed brain slices sectioned at 4°C give better tissue preservation and are viable for longer in-vitro recordings. Additionally, some enzyme histochemical techniques give better staining results when sectioned at low temperatures.

The EMS 7610 Series coolers use "Peltier" thermoelectric elements. The stainless steel tissue bath and mount are detachable to allow sterilisation by autoclave if required.

The equipment comprises of a mains operated control unit, cooling element, tissue bath and specimen holder. The control unit houses a power supply and temperature control circuitry. The cooling element assembly consists of thermoelectric "Peltier" elements, temperature feedback sensors and a cold water fed heat exchanger.

Current from the power supply flows through the thermoelectric elements, which act as heat transfer units. Heat is drawn off, cooling the solution in the tissue bath. The heat generated by this process is removed by the water supply fed through the heat exchanger. The unit uses a proportional temperature control algorithm to maintain temperature stability. This will hold the bath temperature to within 0.5°C of the temperature set point. There will, however, be a small variation in temperature vertically through the bath. Experience will show the best temperature to be set for any given requirement and ambient temperature.

Product Specifications

Display Resolution: 0.1°C
Temperature Accuracy: /- .5°C
*Temperature Range: 8°C to 0°C*
Voltage Requirements: 230V 50Hz or 115V 60Hz
Power Rating: 60W
Inlet Fuse Rating: 2A

(*Note that the actual temperatures achievable will be dependent upon the solutions used and local temperature conditions)

2. Integrally Mounted Cold Light Source

Vibrating Microtomes with Cold Light

Model 7000-2-1

Product Description

To facilitate the careful slicing operation, it is most important that the progress of the blade through the tissue be clearly observed. This observation is used to ensure control of the speed of advance and of the oscillation of the blade. Two elements are required for clear observation, light and magnification.

Product Features

  • Ability to direct the light where needed with two flexible fiber optic light guides.
  • Maintains temperature stability of the tissue or surrounding a.c.s.f.
  • Light Intensity is adjustable by a rotary dial knob.
  • 20W/12V Halogen lamp
  • 2000 hour life approx.
  • Fan and electronic power supply
  • Adjustable with potentiometer
  • Twin 500mm fibre optic light guides

3. Integrally Mounted Magnifying Glass

Model 7000-1-3

Product Description

Vibrating Microtomes with Magnifier

For general global slices a magnifying glass offering approx 2x magnification is sufficient. However, if specific loci are under study then an inspection microscope is desirable. The binocular inspection microscope with 10x-40x magnification, a zoom of 1x-4x and a working distance of 80mm is ideal for the task.

Product Features

  • 115mm Diameter
  • 305mm Focal Length
  • 2x Magnification

4. Integrally Mounted Inspection Microscope

Vibrating Microtomes with microscope

(10x-40x) Model 7000-1-1

5. Integrally Mounted Inspection Microscope

(x5 and x10) Model 7000-1-2


1. Ceramic Blades Model 7550-1-C

Product Description

ceramic blades

The new blade holder design is now included with all Integraslice and Vibroslice instruments. EMS 7550-1-C and EMS 7550-1-SS are designed for new Integraslice instruments.

Product Features

  • Made from ultra hard zirconium
  • Honed by a process of "lapping" both sides of the single bevel to micron flatness
  • Great rigidity, hence a straight cutting edge
  • Prolonged slice life, especially in the most difficult of tissues such as young brain or very old brain
  • Inert and impervious to corrosion
  • Initial higher cost is offset by its longevity
  • Fits into a special blade holder now standard on both Integraslice and Vibroslice instruments
  • Dimensions: 38mm x 7mm x 0.5mm

2. Stainless Steel Blades Model 7550-1-SS

stainless steel microtome blades

Product Description

  • Double beveled on both faces, honed to an acute cutting edge and hardened to 56 Rockwell.
  • Nevertheless, stainless steel is relatively soft and these blades are usually used once or at a maximum changed every day.
  • These blades are for use in specially designed blade holders for Vibroslice instruments manufactured prior to 2003.

Blade Specifications

EMS 7550-1-SSEMS 7550-1-C
MaterialStainless SteelCeramic
Dimensions38mm x 9mm x 0.5mm38mm x 7mm x 0.5mm
GeometryDouble sidedSingle sided
BevelDouble bevelSingle bevel
HoningGround edgeLapped edge
Packaging50 per pack5 per pack

Order Infromation

EMS7000smz and EMS5000mz Vibrating Microtomes, Options, and Accessories

The finest vibration microtomes with sub-micron z-axis deflection at all speeds and amplitudes of vibration

EMS 5000-mzVibrating Microtome, includes demountable tissue bath and sample blades in stainless steel and ceramic. 115V or 220Veach
EMS 7000-smzProgramable Vibrating Microtome, includes demountable tissue bath and sample blades in stainless steel and ceramic plus z-axis calibration device. 115V or 230 Veach

Optional Accessories

EMS 7610Standard Temp. Controlled Tissue Batheach
EMS 7000-1-3Magnifying Glass, mounted to machineeach
EMS 7000-1-2Inspection Microscope fixed x5 & x10each
EMS 7000-1-1Inspection Microscope zoom x10-40each
EMS 7000-2-1Cold Light Sourceeach
Vibrating Microtomes, Options and Accessories

Spares and Accessories

EMS 7000-3-1Tissue Bath, Ice bath and specimen mount completeset
EMS 7000-3-2Tissue Bath, Ice bath and tilting specimen mount completeset
EMS 7000-3-5Tissue Bath, Ice bath, in perspex to fit previous Campden model 752 tissue mountset
EMS 7000-4-1Specimen Mount Onlyeach
EMS 7000-4-2Tilting Tissue Mounteach
EMS 7000-5-1Blade holder- standardeach
EMS 7000-5-3Blade holder- special angleeach
EMS 7000-6-1'Opti-Cal' Z-axis measurement, traceable to national standardseach
EMS 7000-7-1Blade handling tooleach
EMS 7000-50-1Tool kiteach
EMS 7000-60-1Transit crateeach
EMS 7550-1-SSStainless steel bladespk/ 50
EMS 7550-1-CCeramic bladespk/5
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