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Universal Worm Egg Counting Chamber

Universal worm egg counting chamber user note.

The Universal worm egg counting chamber is particularly designed for the quantitative estimation of the number of parasite eggs per gram of faeces in cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and small animals.

The overall methods which utilise this information can estimate the degree of infestation in livestock and the efficacy of treatments.

The counting chamber has 4 x 0.5mL chambers. Each chamber is subdivided by guidelines to five counting strips of approximately 0.1mL. Universal worm egg counting chambers feature guidelines in each chamber for easier counting of worm eggs.

The guidelines were introduced to assist users in alignment during the scanning of individual chambers. The lines should only be used as a counting aid.

The considered volume of each chamber is that area bounded by the inside of the thicker lines and NOT the area between each of the glass support strips.

Remember that not all microscopes are the same. This can affect individual usage.

The engravings are on the under surface of the top-piece for floatation egg counts and are opaqued for improved contrast.

The chambers feature:

  • Wide front filling zone
  • Silicone fillets between chambers
  • Overhanging top-pieces for better grip
  • Silicone bonding to absorb minor impacts and withstand autoclaving and most cleaning agents.
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