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Floating sections

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Stopping sections from floating off grids

People have dragged a grid held with old tweezers quickly through a flame. The grid should discolour a little and that often does the trick, causing better adherence of sections to the grid.

Very effective is a cellotape solution: Take a meter or two of clear cellotape (20 or 25mm wide), knurl that up and place into a tight jar that is impervious to chloroform. Add ~20mL of chloroform, shake a little. Leave in fridge overnight. Shake again and run through a small filter paper into vial with a tight seal.
For use, dip a grid into that solution, touch to the inside of the vial to lose the excess and then place on filter paper. This should be done on the day those grids are going to be used.
The used solution will assume a bluish colouring from copper grids - does not matter. The cellotape glue is 'permanently' sticky and will help to keep the sections on the grids. Use chloroform in a fumehood.
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